Lori Slager Wenzel 

Lori Slager-Wenzel is a mom of three, marathon runner, Bill Murray fan girl, as well as owner and founder of The Sparrows.

She started The Sparrows in 2007 with the dream of creating a community space that was inclusive, community-focused, and welcoming. Since opening The Sparrows ten years ago, the relationships between employees and the public are evidence of that dream manifested.

Lori isn’t afraid of hard work or of getting her hands dirty. She juggles her growing family, the demands of owning a small business, being on the boards of the Wealthy Street Business Alliance and the Uptown Business Improvement District, and her unending quest to find the best Manhattan in Grand Rapids, like it’s nothing. She inspires every member of the Sparrows family with her unfading drive.



Julia Lancer

A recent Grand Rapids transplant, Julia Lancer has 15 years of coffee industry experience, and is a drummer in a band based out of her hometown, Santa Rosa, CA.

Julia has more tattoos than your average 4 year old can count. She has the uncanny ability to pick apart any meal at a restaurant and tell you exactly what spices were used in its preparation. Her aptitude to taste and talk about intricacies of flavor uniquely positions her to direct our growing coffee program.

Julia joined our team in 2016 as our General Manager and Director of Coffee. You can catch her sniffing coffee grounds with intense contemplation and scrutiny, while most likely listening to Nirvana.