Coffee For Peace

This past June, I had my first opportunity to embark on the dream trip of many coffee professionals, a visit to a coffee-growing region. The trip took me throughout the Cauca region of Colombia, organized by Coffee for Peace, an alliance of coffee producers and market allies along the coffee supply chain. The Sparrows was connected with Coffee For Peace earlier this year through our coffee purchasing advisor David, to source our “Best of Cauca” competition lot blend….

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Lorena SlagerComment
New Shop and Event Space at Bridge Street

Who here loves Grand Rapids? Sparrows hasn’t been shy about admitting our crush on our fair city, and with good reason. You all have supported us by stopping in, saying hello, or in some cases becoming a part of the Sparrows family. We appreciate our community so much that we want to contribute in as many ways as possible to helping it grow.

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Thank You Kung Fu

For those of you who are unaware, there were about two months in the very beginning of Sparrows' existence when we were The Stray Dog Cafe. We ended up changing it rather quickly though, and almost everyone forgot we were ever anything but the Sparrows. But we have a handful of customers who proudly claim that they've been regulars for over seven years, "since The Stray Dog days." My husband, who I officially met only three years ago, is one of those people.

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