Thank You Kung Fu

Photo by Katy O Photo

Photo by Katy O Photo

For those of you who are unaware, there were about two months in the very beginning of Sparrows' existence when we were The Stray Dog Cafe. We ended up changing it rather quickly though, and almost everyone forgot we were ever anything but the Sparrows. But we have a handful of customers who proudly claim that they've been regulars for over seven years, "since The Stray Dog days." My husband, who I officially met only three years ago, is one of those people.

When I met David, the first thing he told me was that he was working on his memoir. Months later, on the night we first kissed, he told me the entire story of his life while driving to the beach at three in the morning. Our conversation left me heartbroken, inspired, and hopeful, and I heartily agreed that he should write the book.

He explained to me that every story has three distinct parts, but as he wrote his book proposal he realized that his story only had two parts. He kept pursuing it anyway, hoping the third part would come to him. We continued to spend time together, writing together and going to the beach as much as possible. Then, just four months after that kiss on the beach, we discovered we were 5 weeks pregnant. After the dust settled from our shock, he looked at me and said, "Well, I think I know what the third part to my story will be."

Anyone coming into the shop can see that we support local writers. We sell their work, we've hosted readings, we've had published authors come in and say they wrote most of their work in our shop. We are also avid supporters of the Creative Youth Center, a local nonprofit that teaches creative writing to kids. Because of our ongoing support for local writers, The Sparrows and I are proud to use this opportunity to promote David's Kickstarter. This campaign will help him achieve his dream and produce Thank You Kung Fu, the book he explained in great detail to me in the middle of the night on the shores of Lake Michigan. 

If nothing else, please enjoy learning a little bit more about my husband, a local author, and myself, a local business owner, who married each other in your favorite coffee shop. Also, I'd like to extend a very special thanks to Gorilla for the beautiful video they made for this campaign.

Thank you,

Lori Slager Wenzel


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