3 New Years Resolutions From Your Friends at The Sparrows

Over the past year, we at The Sparrows have been working hard to re-imagine our menu to offer healthy, organic, and locally sourced options. We think we’ve made good progress, but we want to go further.  And, since we think the New Year is a great time to re-articulate our goals, we’re excited to announce our three resolutions for giving our guests a superb experience. We also want to invite you to a New Years Day party to try new menu items on New Year’s Day 12:00-4:00

#1 Introduce Healthier Menu Items

Say goodbye to fake, fruit-flavored syrups.  This coming year, we resolve to replace these sticky bottles with handmade organic cold pressed juices, seasonal shrubs*, and simple syrups. We’re really excited about this - not only are these replacements a huge step towards eliminating all high-fructose corn syrup and preservatives from our shop, they taste so much better than their predecessors. We can’t wait for you to try them.

This resolution is really a continuation of what we have been striving for over the past few years. We want to help you put wholesome and good-tasting things in your body. One example of us working toward this last year is our Chai tea, which we make in house from our own custom blend of whole spices, fresh ginger, real vanilla beans, and organic black tea.  We think it tastes better than anything we could buy pre-made and, since we’re making it in-house, we can be sure that all of the ingredients are up to our standards.

#2 Continue Supporting Grand Rapids and Michigan Small Businesses

We love small businesses with missions to produce healthy products. For years, we’ve carried milk from hormone & antibiotic-free vegetarian cows in Nashville, MI. Our honey is pure raw honey from Michigan Bee Company in Kent City MI. The company has been family run for over 100 years and we consider them a great partner.

While we’re happy with these accomplishments, we were excited at the chance to go further. So this month we partnered with Mokaya, a Grand Rapids chocolatier and Wealthy Street neighbor, to supply us with their chocolate sauce for our drinks. You need to try this chocolate.  It’s made by hand in small batches and tastes absolutely incredible.

We consider it a privilege to provide you with the most delicious, wholesome products we can. We’re looking forward to more opportunities to work with our Grand Rapids and Michigan neighbors to help us do even more.

#3 Be Mindful of Special Diets and Organic Foods

We’ve been striving to be mindful of our guests with special dietary needs for some time. One recent example of this is our cold-pressed juice, which is always organic and local when the michigan growing season allows. Cold pressing whole fruits results is a juice that tastes amazing while maintaining more nutrients, due to its never being heated or pasteurized.

Continuing this trend, next month we’ll be welcoming Rise GR into our pastry roster. Their gluten free and vegan pastry is made fresh daily, with extreme caution to avoid cross contamination. We’re excited and proud to be able to offer their products, both to our guests with special dietary needs and those without.  They really are that good.


The beginning of a new year is an exciting time.  It’s a time to re-evaluate where you’re at and where you’re going, to assess your progress toward goals you have set.  This year, as we at The Sparrows re-evaluated and assessed our goals, we were proud to see that we hadn’t stood still all year, but also felt challenged to go further.  We’re looking forward to a fun and productive 2017 and we’re so excited and humbled to have you, our valued guests, along for the ride.

Come celebrate the New Year with us at our "Good Riddance 2016 Party." We will be sampling  our latest menu items this Sunday, Jan 1st from 12:00-4:00

*Shrubs are fresh fruits, herbs, and spices muddled in vinegar and added to sparkling water. The vinegar makes the drink tart and refreshing while bringing out the natural crispness and sweetness in the fruit. 

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