Late Winter Signature Drinks

Grand Rapidians, we’ve almost made it.

We are in the final, tumultuous stretch of winter. The weeks before spring comes, where from one hour to the next your wardrobe might be a t-shirt or a parka. To help you in this finicky late winter season, we’ve brought on two new drinks that reflect not only the need for warmth and comfort but also the lust for warm weather and sunshine.

First: our Strawberry Cascara Shrub is fruity, sweet, and sparkling. For the days when the sun is shining… or perhaps you want to pretend the sun is shining.

True story: coffee isn’t technically a bean, it's a seed. What we call the bean is actually the pit of a cherry-like fruit that gets removed when the coffee is processed. This fruit, known as cascara, has a complex flavor that is dark, sweet, and oaky. For our new shrub, we’ve steeped the cascara overnight, combined it with fresh muddled strawberries and our housemade tonic, and DANG. The result is a refreshing, well balanced, and downright tasty drink.

Second: Campfire Rooibos is smoky, warm, complex, and nutty. For the days where you are cold, and that sweater just isn’t cutting it.

We combined lapsang souchong, a traditional pine-smoked Chinese black tea with a vanilla and almond infused rooibos. Spicy round rooibos notes collaborate with the smooth smoke aroma creating a taste experience that's reminiscent of bourbon and burnt sugar.

Try it in a tea latte steamed up with a touch of honey to compliment that woody sweetness. 

We can not wait to dust off the patio furniture in the attic and sit in the sun. In the meantime come warm up or cool down with us while we eagerly await the coming season.