Join our Mug Club!

Hi Sparrows friends! Here’s the deal: you love coffee, and we love you….aaaand coffee. We can all agree that we don’t love Mondays, so let’s talk about it over coffee. 

Join the Sparrows new mug club for $100 (that’s $8.33 per month!), and we’ll do our best to make your Mondays this year slightly less painful. Sign up at Sparrows, or sign up online and pick up your mug the next time you’re in.

Our mug club members will receive:

  1. A slick and durable Hydro Flask travel mug (GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE)

  2. Free drink of your choice every Monday

  3. $1 off any drink, any time

  4. A free bag of Sparrows Coffee as soon as our roastery is up and running

  5. A Sparrows Jeff Kraus mural T shirt (while supplies last)

  6. A Sparrows sticker (or 2 or 3) for your laptop, guitar case, or journal of sappy poetry

  7. Special mug club benefits to be announced throughout the year

Be a part of helping Sparrows grow! Join today!