Environmental Responsibility


We believe in doing what we can to make the Earth a better place. This is why we do what we can to limit our environmental impact. A few ways we show this is by:

  • Offering our customers a discount when they bring their own cup

  • Limiting our waste as much as possible & making sure to compost or recycle what we can from any waste we do have

  • Using eco-friendly cups & lids (bring your eco-friendly cup back & we will compost it for you!)

  • Using glass, ceramic & metal cups, plates & silverware in house & for our customers who aren’t on the go

  • Offering fair-trade & organic teas

  • Using stainless steel straws for our bubble tea

Even small changes can make a large difference. On your next visit, make sure to bring your own cup to receive your discount and join us in our efforts!